What Makes Central Park Dental Spa Better?

Do you feel going to the dentist is tedious and painful?

That every problem has an invasive procedure attached to it?

Or that patients are shuffled in, shuffled out, and treated as just a pair of teeth and gums?

Do you feel there is no other choice?

Now, there is a clear choice: Central Park Dental Spa.

Owned by Dr. Eda Ellis, DDS, an NYU College of Dentistry faculty member and a leading authority on holistic oral treatments, Central Park Dental Spa (formerly DentaSpa) is on the forefront of a revolution in both dental service and treatment.

There are many reasons why being on the forefront matters. Traditional dentistry is often fraught with outdated, inadequate and in some cases dangerous methods. Common examples include:

  • The use of X-rays that expose patients to unnecessary doses of radiation;
  • Filling cavities with mercury, a poison known to target nerve cells;
  • Outdated and insufficient diagnostics that lead to unnecessary invasive procedures;
  • Treatment environments that enhance the stress, pain and anxiety at the root of dental phobia;
  • Cosmetic results that don’t look natural.

This 1950s approach in conjunction with 1970s technology isn’t the norm because it is better for the patient. … but because it is cheaper.

A Whole Body Approach to Dentistry

Central Park Dental Spa makes a giant leap from traditional dentistry by using the following:

  • A whole body and whole person approach to diagnosis and treatment: Dr. Ellis’ holistic approach takes into account every factor known
    to influence oral health, identifying the causes, thus preventing problems and dramatically reducing invasive procedures;
  • Advanced technology: Whether it is digital X rays or porcelain fillings, nothing unhealthy is introduced into the body during treatment;
  • Education: patients are shown digital photos of the interior of their mouth so they can make informed decisions about treatment;
  • Beautiful and natural looking cosmetic results: Dr. Ellis’ cosmetic treatments never look artificial;
  • A spa-inspired experience: reflexology during treatments, a beautiful and pampering environment, and a dentist chair that looks right out over the tree tops of Central Park alleviate stress and reduce pain.

Central Park Dental Spa’s whole-person and spa-inspired approach to both medical and cosmetic treatments results in healthier, happier and more beautiful patients, and most tellingly, people who actually look forward to going to the dentist.

On the vanguard of a revolution in oral health and beauty, Central Park Dental Spa is the future of dentistry today.