Root canal therapy in Central Park

Root canal therapy in Central Park
Central Park root canal

If you have been experiencing tooth pain when you eat something hot or cold, you may have an infected tooth. Or, if you are experiencing persistent tooth pain, and the surrounding gum is red and swollen, you may have a serious tooth problem that will most likely need root canal therapy. When you are experiencing any type of tooth pain you will want to come to our dental practice, Central Park Dental Spa, for thorough diagnosis and treatment of your tooth problem. Many patients come to us when they need to have a Central Park root canal in order to save the life of a tooth.

At our dental practice, our expert of highly trained dentist is Dr. Eda Ellis. When a tooth is infected at the center, or has deep decay which has reached the pulp of the tooth, you will need to have a Central Park root canal treatment in order to save the tooth. When a tooth is infected, root canal therapy is the only available treatment that can be successful. If this treatment is not performed, eventually the tooth will fall out or need to be extracted. An infected tooth can cause infection to spread to other parts of your mouth, or even to other parts of your body. So when you have an infected or deeply decayed tooth, you will want to make sure that it has immediate treatment at our dental care practice.

When a Central Park root canal is performed, our dentist will clear all infected or damaged pulp from the center of the tooth. She will then use a biologically compatible material to seal the root canals. This material contains calcium oxide and is highly effective in sealing the canals so that reinfection will not occur. This material also will eliminate any germs in the root canals, doubly ensuring that any reinfection problems to not develop. Once a tooth receives Central Park root canal treatment, and the treatment is successful, the tooth will be able to remain as healthy as teeth that never needed root canal treatment. It may be necessary for the tooth to get a protective porcelain crown after the procedure is completed, to strengthen the tooth. For an appointment to see our top-notch dentist regarding a root canal or other dental treatment, contact us today.

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