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Metal-Free Crowns and Bridges

Central Park Dental Spa uses only metal-free, BPA-free restorative materials for the creation of crowns and bridges.

metal-free crown

What’s the difference between a crown and bridge?

Crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed over a damaged tooth.  Made of porcelain and ceramic materials, crowns are useful in restorating the function and look of natural teeth.  Crowns are often used to

  • Keep a weak tooth from breaking or fracturing
  • Restore a tooth that is already broken
  • Support and cover a tooth with a large filling or root canal
  • Cover a discolored or misshapen tooth
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Make a cosmetic improvement

In preparing a tooth for a crown, we use only materials that are free of BPA (Bisphenpol-A chemical compounds), as BPA has been linked to adverse health effects such as cancer and heart disease.

Bridges are used to span the gap created by missing teeth.  They are attached to a tooth on either side of the gap.  These supporting teeth, called “abutments”, are fitted with crowns so that they are strong enough to anchor the bridge.

Traditionally, bridges were made of metal, but they often began to show a metal line around the gum line.  In addition, many people suffered a reaction to the metals or experienced heightened sensitivity to hot and cold liquids.  For this reason, we create dental bridges only from ceramic or porcelein materials and use only BPA-free adhesives which do not leach chemicals into the body.