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Dental Care and Nutrition

Proper nutrition plays a key role in developing and maintaining health teeth, gums and supporting bone. At Central Park Dental Spa we strongly believe that that a healthful diet is an integral component of a great smile. Our emphasis is on staying well rather than repeatedly getting well.

Dentistry has always advised people to stay away from sugar and sticky treats in an effort to keep teeth free of decay but we feel we have a more important role. Every time a dentist performs a procedure, she is dependent on your immune system for healing and your immune system depends on the right balance of nutrients to function properly. Those people with recurrent problems with dental cavities and gum problems are often deficient in key vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

At Central Park Dental Spa we provide nutritional counseling and can recommend dietary changes and supplements to bolster the immune system and promote healing. Often we will recommend completion of a three-day diet diary.

Many people try to have a healthful diet – but aren’t aware of how much sugar and refined foods of low nutritive value they’re eating. They don’t know what important factors they are missing — particularly at breakfast. When they fill out a 3-day diet diary, listing everything they eat and drink at meals and in between, they see what they’re actually eating as opposed to what they think they’re eating. With this as a tool, we can work together to make the diet truly health-building.