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Holistic Dentistry is a Popular Choice In Manhattan

In recent years, holistic dentistry has grown in popularity as patients realize that dental care and oral health are not, nor should be treated as, seperate from the body’s overall health and wellness. Many factors besides regular brushing and flossing affect overall oral health, such as eating habits, medication or antibiotics taken for other medical reasons or whether a patient grinds their teeth. Even the amount of stress in a patient’s life can affect the teeth and gums.

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Unfortunately, holistic dentistry has, in many people’s minds, earned an undeserved reputation for “quackery” or alternative solutions that are “way out there.” But in today’s modern dental practices that employ holistic methods, nothing could be further from the truth.

Conventional methods and procedures such as x-rays, dental implants, crowns, and composite bonding are still used, but are supplemented with new, improved techniques such as the use of amalgam-free fillings (which are mercury-safe and require the removal of less natural tooth structure), laser whitening (instead of harsh peroxide whitening procedures), and oral cancer screenings through the use of a VELscope.

Today’s holistic dentists pay attention to things like patient comfort (which may affect how often a personal visits the dentist), the importance of nutrition and a healthy diet, the dangers of flouride and fluorosis, the reduction of radiation exposure, and “green” practices that eliminate chemical waste that can cause harm to the patient as well as the environment.

Much of holistic dentistry is preventative in nature in order to detect small problems before they turn in to big problems. Prevention and the early detection of periodontal disease, for example, can save patients from having to undergo extensive and often painful (not to mention expensive) repair and restoration. Helping and encouraging patients become aware of what they can do every to maintain their teeth and gums also goes a long ways to maintaining excellent oral health.

If you aren’t satisified with your regular dentist, or feel that your concerns are not being taken seriously enough, you owe it to yourself to try holistic dentistry in Manhattan. You have nothing to lose and may find that you gain a lot through an alternate perspective on your dental care and overall health and well-being.