Spa Dentistry Information

Itphoto-gallery-DrEllis is no secret that people dread going to the dentist because it is painful, and riddled with fear and anxiety.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Going to the dentist can actually be a gentle, painless, and soothing experience.

Central Park Dental Spa (formerly DentaSpa) achieves this by applying the best, most comforting and relaxing elements of spas to the dental experience. These elements include:

The art and science of Reflexology: As anyone who has been to the dentist knows, Novacaine alone does not make a dental experience pain-free, and it certainly does nothing to ameliorate the fear and anxiety around simply being at the dentist. A beautiful, spa-like environment goes a long way to calming patients. The very look, sounds and smells of a dentist office typically trigger fear and anxiety. So Dr. Ellis has designed an environment that not only does not resemble a dentist office, but which does not trigger dental-phobia. Scented candles assure that Central Park Dental Spa does not smell like a dentist office. The beautifully designed waiting room with comfortable couches, a water fall, and soothing music immediately put patients at ease. Even more striking is that Dr. Ellis’ dentist chairs look right out over the top of Central Park, so that during treatments patients are staring at sky, birds, sun and trees. As a result Dr. Ellis’ patients feel soothed and relieved, and often fall asleep during treatments.

A gentle, sensitive and pampering approach to service: While many dentist offices shuffle people in and out and treat them as just a pair of teeth and gums, Dr. Ellis gives her patients the wonderful service they deserve. This means taking the time to get to know the patient so she understands more about their life and how it affects their teeth; taking as much time as necessary to make the fullest and most complete diagnosis possible; and, above all, to be sensitive to the patient’s well-being. The result is that Dr. Ellis’ patients feel pampered

The over-all effect of the spa-influence is that Dr. Ellis’ patients look forward to going to the dentist.