Don’t Do It!
Prevent Snoring Surgery
Using Noninvasive Remedies

Aside from losing weight by adopting a healthy lifestyle, the best solutions to prevent snoring surgery comprise of simple devices that are compact and highly portable (for all those afternoon naps!) but require custom fitting by an expert to ensure efficacy.

Dr. Eda Ellis is just such a professional — in fact, the leading sleep apnea specialist in all of New York City! Local luminaries from the worlds of business, academe, and the arts count on her practice at Central Park Dental Spa for all their oral hygiene and healthcare needs. She has long provided general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services for all New Yorkers, especially the employees of nearby landmarks such as Bloomingdale’s, Bergdorf, and the Apple Store. Her practice is something of a landmark in its own right, a luxuriously appointed spa-like dental office with a soothing atmosphere that makes visits pleasurable. No permanent panacea to the healthy lifestyle we should all lead, even in these tough and busy times, these dental devices, also known as oral appliances, do typically serve as successful stop-gap measures while patients incrementally adopt ever healthier dietary choices.

Easily and Quickly Prevent Snoring Surgery Noninvasively

Finally get the good-night’s sleep you deserve
thanks to New York City’s top sleep apnea dentist!

It’s a vicious cycle: the lack of proper sleep means that our bodies perceive ourselves as being under stress — literally under attack — and thus will cause us to crave food all the more, leading to the weight gain that ultimately grounds the conditions behind snoring. So even before a diet can be successful, fully resting on a regular basis is key to enabling all the other steps that need to be taken towards a healthy lifestyle, the kind that really prevents surgeries.

In the meantime, there’s Dr. Ellis and her great handiwork caring for those who suffer by effectively eliminating the snoring and concurrent fitful starts and awakening throughout the night each night. She has served for several years with dedication and success, installing in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of a major international metropolis her own quiet vision of compassionate dental care, more spa than office, perched high above the greatest park in the world, where she gently attends to everyone who visits.

What Should You Expect?

The ambiance is akin to a health spa, with a quiet energy that invigorates even as it soothes. You will be greeted courteously by a professional staff of dedicated assistants who will ensure that your visit is quick and as pleasurable as possible. Indeed, it is so relaxing that many gently nod off for a minute or two while they await their appointment, having arrived early to eagerly see Dr. Ellis.

No snoring surgeries here!

Once she is free, Dr. Ellis will warmly greet you and set you at ease as she goes over your situation with you, carefully listening for your own preferences. She will determine the best course of action, and proceed to make a precise mold of your teeth in order to ensure a correct fit for you.

Let’s Prevent Snoring Together

It all happens so fast — partly due to the pleasantness of just being at Central Park Dental Spa and partly due to Dr. Ellis’ own expert speed born of many years’ experience. And just like that, sleep disordered breathing will soon be a thing of the past for you!

Don’t bother with surgery
until you’ve tried Dr. Ellis’
gentle noninvasive methods first.

There’s no need to go under the knife and get cut open until you’ve exhausted all possibilities — and under Dr. Ellis’ experienced care, the possibilities are practically endless. You will save a lot of money and remove all stress with the latest noninvasive options!

That’s the Central Park Dental Spa experience, personalized whole-body dental care. Dr. Ellis founded her practice on just such principles, and she expanded into snoring prevention and treatment because she sees oral health and hygiene in a holistic manner: it’s all of a piece, with interconnections meaning that no one part is perfectly isolated from another.

It’s with such a mindset that she devises treatment modalities for her patients. While most will respond positively to standard procedures, isn’t it nice to know that Dr. Ellis is fully capable and ready to step up to any challenges that should arise?

No need for hot-shot knife work for gently — and successfully — treating snoring problems.

That’s why her practice at Central Park Dental Spa is appointed so luxuriously, all in order to provide the soothing atmosphere necessary for both quests and patients. Though a highly experienced medical professional, Dr. Ellis remains rooted in her own humanity, out of which she draws to bring forth the healing and caring that’s so intensely needed. For she is often the last hope for many who would otherwise be consigned to the inherent stresses and dangers of surgery, so she’s always conscientious in her duties, doing everything possible to create positive outcomes!


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