Trust Dr. Ellis for Your Sleep Apnea Treatment
and Choose Lasting Relief That’s
Gentle & Noninvasive!

It’s not easy having sleep apnea — or dealing with it as your loved one suffers and wakes you up, too! Thankfully, Dr. Eda Ellis is available to quickly and gently provide the sleep apnea treatment you and your loved ones deserve.

It’s not just a matter of inconvenience, either: without the proper care, snoring due to sleep apnea can easily snowball into a major health crisis as sleep is habitually interrupted, leading to both mental and physical fatigue throughout the day. Plus, interrupted sleep shortens lifespans as well as drastically lowering the quality of life for all concerned.

Habitual snoring interrupts sleep,
causes fatigue,
and shortens lifespan.

Without proper Sleep Apnea Treatment,
major health problems will develop.

Get The Celebrity Treatment when  it comes to your Sleep Apnea: Gentle and Noninvasive Care by Dr. Eda Ellis, DDS — put sleep apnea to rest at last so that you can, too!

Leading women and men in business, academia, and entertainment trust Dr. Ellis with all their oral health care needs — and you can, too, with most major insurance plans accepted and a convenient central location in Midtown Manhattan: Bloomingdale’s employees welcome! And Bergdorf’s.  And Tiffany’s.  And Apple’s.  And those at The Plaza….

Dr. Ellis has been serving your colleagues, your neighbors, your friends, and your family for decades with care and compassion, bringing a gentle health-spa touch to dental work and other oral care.

Everyone will easily get relief from sleep apnea when under Dr. Ellis’ experienced care, and anyone can benefit from her holistic approach to dentistry and oral health, with a beautiful spa-like atmosphere that will soothe you and forever change the way you think about visiting the dentist!

How Does It Work?

Simply put, it’s a quick noninvasive procedure that will have you in and out of the office within minutes — without any discomfort whatsoever! Literally that fast, you’ll wonder why you didn’t take care of the problem months or even years ago!

Different levels of treatment do exist — in case you’re feeling nostalgic for the dental visits of yore! — but they are all applied with expertise and compassion that will win you over to the swelling ranks of Dr. Ellis’ repeat clientele.

All the latest modern noninvasive options are available. There’s one for everyone!

So you snore.
You’re even used to it.
It feels normal now,
frequently waking up
then falling right back to sleep.
So you can’t really need treatment,
after all…right?


Just because you’ve adapted doesn’t mean the insidious effects somehow don’t exist, such as:

  • You’re sleepy during the day, even (especially!) at work.
  • But you can’t sleep at night! It’s hard falling asleep even in bed.
  • You even get nightmares regularly now!
  • You snore excessively, leading to dry mouth and a dry throat on top of that.
  • Then there’s chronic acid reflux, heart burns worse than heartaches!
  • Headaches, mood swings, depression and irritability, plus weight gain as a bonus.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Is Required

If you want to live and breathe and sleep normally again!

Most major insurance plans are accepted so it’s easily affordable. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain! A quick simple test will reveal the precise diagnosis upon which to base the specific treatment pathways to be pursued. Working with you, Dr. Ellis will provide suggestions that best suit your particular situation.

You can literally die from sleep apnea if it’s left untreated.

Dr. Ellis has cared for many celebrities throughout the years, so it was with particular sadness that she learned about Ms. Carrie Fisher’s death from sleep apnea. While there were extenuating circumstances, the most proximate physical cause appears to have been respiratory arrest due to sleep apnea, as attested by the coroner’s report and death certificate.

And she wasn’t the only one! The list of celebrities, people who had access to the best health care money could buy, that died as a result of untreated sleep apnea includes James Gandolfini from The Sopranos, comedic legend John Candy of Caddyshack fame, The Grateful Dead‘s own Jerry Garcia, and even a long-time athlete such as NFL Defensive End Reggie White! Many celebs are currently battling their apneas, a shocking lineup comprised of everyone from Star Trek‘s William Shatner and Vampire Chronicles novelist Anne Rice to musician Quincy Jones and the inimitable Roseanne Barr!

Getting Treated for Sleep Apnea in Manhattan

Don’t let any of that happen to you! Dr. Ellis is centrally located for convenience, easily accessible by multiple mass transit options within a three-block radius, including right outside the front door and around the corner. And with the greatest park in the world right across the street, you can treat yourself to the healing beauty of nature right after your quick and painless treatment for sleep apnea!

An experienced caregiver, Dr. Ellis offers multiple methods to successfully deal with sleep apnea. But no matter the option, getting a good night’s sleep is synonymous with her longtime practice, Central Park Dental Spa, where you (and/or your loved ones!) will finally get the relief you deserve.


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