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Teeth Cleaning in Central Park
Teeth Cleaning in Central Park

You bathe regularly, you wash your hair, you wash your car, and you clean your house. Teeth require that same level of care, and even if you’re diligent about your daily brushing and flossing, the first line of defense when it comes to cleaning your teeth, getting a professional dental cleaning (or prophylaxis) is an essential part of your dental health. When you come in for our teeth cleaning in Central Park every six months at Central Park Dental Spa, you give yourself the advantages that work to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, the two biggest enemies of your dental well-being.

Having strong and healthy teeth starts with your diet. Eating a nutritious array of foods and limiting the amount of sugar you have, including from your drinks, means less fuel for the bacteria in your mouth to form plaque and erode your tooth enamel. Brushing and flossing removes most of the food remnants and plaque, but they can hide away between teeth and deep in your gum pockets. Plaque that stays in your mouth may harden and turn into tartar. Over time, this can lead to cavities and gum irritation. But a twice yearly visit for our teeth cleaning in Central Park gets in where your toothbrush and your floss cannot. The result is a mouth that is free of plaque, tartar, and food particles, giving you a fresh feeling and a new start toward your optimal dental health.

Our teeth cleaning in Central Park is most effective when done as part of a complete dental exam that includes x-rays. This way, Dr. Eda Ellis can find any evidence of tooth decay, even small cavities, and fill them. This will prevent them from growing and eventually granting access by bacteria to your tooth’s pulp. That can lead to a root canal infection, the need for root canal therapy, and in more severe instances, your tooth may not be savable, necessitating a tooth extraction. Our goal is to help you keep all of your natural teeth for life. You can make that possible by calling us right now and scheduling your teeth cleaning and dental exam.

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