Veneers vs. Bonding: What’s Right For You?

manhattan-bonding-veneersSometimes when doing a cosmetic dental procedure, you have the option between bonding and veneers. Here is general consensus when bonding works and or, when a veneer is better.

Bonding has been around for about 40 years. Veneers have been around for about 25 years. Essentially, veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded over the outside of the tooth. They fit on the tooth like a contact lens. Done properly, they are quite remarkable and very durable.

Bonding describes the technique of gluing either plastic or porcelain to the tooth. The plastics are called composites and they are now in about the twentieth generation. That means the material is now much more durable, more resistant to stain and the colors are much more compatible. It is amazing what you can do today with bonding. You can finish a patient with bonded composites in several hours. Veneers take at least a week because they are made offsite in a dental laboratory.

Veneers are more expensive because of a lab fee and a more involved series of appointments. Generally speaking, the more involved the smile makeover is, the more likely veneers would be recommended. Bonding works if one or two teeth are crooked or out of alignment. Bonding also works well to fill in some spaces.
Cost is also a factor. Veneers are usually five times the cost of bonding. So sometimes for financial reasons we have to compromise and try to get an improved smile with bonding.

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